Heilen K.Stone Buster H27



Action of Helien Stone Buster:

Specifically designed to provide relief from renal pain.
Relieves distress from renal colic.

  • Arrests the tendency to formation of calculus in the bladder
  • Corrects Uric acid diathesis


Kidney stone & renal colic
Infection, swelling of kidneys & renal region.
Severe pain from lower back to front and may be associated with vomiting
Pain in kidney extends from abdomen to bladder.
Nephritis, burning in urine and soreness when urinating.
Haematuria or passage of blood in urine
Uric acid diathesis, vesicle diathesis.
Irritability and inflammation in Urogenital system.
Frequent urination, Dysuria or pain while urination
Renal colic, urine scanty, sharp pain in the kidney
Precautions –

Drink water throughout the day at least 2-3 litters/day
Restrict foods rich in oxalates i.e. Beetroots, Carrot, Radish, Spinach, Tomato, Peanuts, Rice, Cucumber, Sweet potatoes, Nuts and soy products.
Ask the Doctor before taking any calcium supplements, but can continue eating calcium-rich foods.

Berberis vulgaris Ø, Ocimum can D2, Hydrangea D2, Cantharis D2, Apis mellifica D2, Solidago virgaurea D8, Lapis renalis D12


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