Helien Healthy Liver H18



Action of Helien Healthy Liver:
Helps in strengthening liver functions naturally and safely thus restores good health.
Highly effective and it has the added advantage of not damaging any other organ
The ingredients are well known remedies indicated in a variety of acute as well as chronic liver ailments.

Organic and functional complaints of liver and gallbladder
Disorders of Liver.
To increase efficiency and normal function of liver.
Strengthen the liver.
Slow digestion and lack of appetite
Later symptoms may include dark coffee-coloured rather than dark yellow urine, clay coloured stools, abdominal pain, and yellowing of the skin and / or whites of the eyes (jaundice).
Weariness after meals
Bitter taste in mouth, Nausea and Vomiting
Low blood pressure when standing from a sitting or lying position (orthostatic hypotension) – this may happen after acute blood loss, like a heavy period
Frequent headaches
Racing heart or palpitations
Loss of appetite
Strange food cravings.
Precautions –

Regular exercise
Don’t eat foods high in fat and sugar. Stay away from a lot of fried foods including fast food restaurant meals.
Eat a balanced diet. Choose a diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and cereals can take care of your body’s fiber needs.
Fiber helps your liver work at an optimal level.
Drink water throughout the day at least 2-3 litters/day. It prevents dehydration and it helps your liver to function better
Use supplements with caution. Talk with your doctor about the risks and benefits of herbal supplements before you take them. Some alternative medicine treatments can harm your liver.

Andrographis D4 , HydrastisD4, Chelidonium D2, Carduus Mar D4, Cinchona D3, Lycopodium D6, Nux vomica D5,


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