Bio 21 PLUS



Traditionally used as supportive treatment in teething problems.

Why Bio 21 is important?
The German scientist Dr Schuessler’s discovered that there are some components which have health supporting effects of several mineral salts that were developed homeopathically for the cells of the body. These salts in some form act on the body, having no Side effects and safe for Infants. These tablets allow infants to cut their teeth quickly and easily by supplying them with important salts. Improves appetite and promotes digestion.
Some infants have become very problematic to their parents. In this condition, especially during teething, the child becomes irritating and suffers with diarrhea, fever, gastric complaints and loss of weight etc.
What causes delay in baby teething?
Possible Causes of Delayed Tooth Eruption. Babies who were born premature or had a low birth weight can get their teeth late and may also have enamel defects. Some genetic conditions, such as amylogenesis imperfect and regional odontodyspla- sia, can cause teeth to erupt late and
be poorly formed.

Calcium phosphoricum 3X Ferrum phosphoricum 3X Chamomilla D8
Prescribed by physician Or
2 tablets 4 times a day.
For children dissolve tablet in water.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Keep away from the reach of children.

Children are crying, obstinate and naughty during the time of teething. These tablets make the cutting of teeth easy and quick by supplying important salts to the baby. The appetite is improved and the digestion favored. The tablets build the babies and abolish griping.
Allows easy eruption of teeth.
Relief’s symptoms like indigestion and lack of appetite and restlessness. Difficulty & late in teething
Fever & Greenish diarrhea
gastric complaints and loss of weight
Also provides necessary minerals to children.
Also indicated for inflammation of gums that is gingivitis.


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